Sunday, September 30, 2007


On my birthday, we were supposed to fly back to Burbank (where our car was parked) and then drive to Anaheim (where Disneyland is). It wasn't that simple. There was a MASSIVE rain storm in Utah and all the flights were grounded and those in the air were put in a holding pattern, including the airplane we were supposed to be on. The plane eventually ran low on fuel and had to fly to Las Vegas to refuel (where we were supposed to change planes). So we watched our flight leave us in the Salt Lake airport. There was NO way we were going to make our connecting flight. I had visions of spending the night of my birthday in the airport! Fortunately, Quin wasn't going to take NO for an answer. He got us on a flight to Los Angeles (only thirty miles from Burbank). We then shared a limo with a guy who was going in that direction. The limo dropped us off at our car and we drove to our hotel in Anaheim. The next day, we went to Disneyland!Our first day at the park! We slept in a little because we had had so much fun the day before. It was kind of neat because my first time to Disneyland was on my ninth birthday and 16 years later, almost to the day, Quin went for his first time. This picture is at the entrance. Notice the great bag! my parents got it for me for my birthday.
Here we are in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.
We went to Lilo and Stitch's Aloha Breakfast. We got lais and learned how to hula and played around with the characters, it was great!

Quin was perfectly dressed for the occasion!

One of the coolest rides was Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. It was like being in a video game, It was SO much fun! You get those little blasters and you try to shoot Zurg. As you can see, Quin was a little bit better at it than I was.

We took a ride around on a paddle boat called the "Mark Twain" it was really pretty!
This is the view of the stroller parking from the Mark Twain. This shot really doesn't do it justice as to how many strollers are in the park.

Not a great picture of us (especially me), but Quin was trying to snap it as the Disneyland Train was pulling up.

This is an action shot, we were on the teacups spinning when we took this. Turned out pretty good.

Quin on the Carousel

This is the Sleeping Beauty carousel, it kind of means a lot to me. I didn't get to go on it the first time I was there because my cousin Jonathan wanted to go on It's a Small World again and he is an only child and gets everything he wants even though it was my birthday. Anyway, I was glad to go on it with Quin!

These two pictures are probably our favorite from the trip. We were just goofing around in this building called Innovations. It is full of the latest technology you can try out. Apparently these cardboard cutouts are cutting edge.

This guy was amazing! If I didn't know better, I would have sworn Captain Jack Sparrow had stepped out of the movie. We were coming back from Pirates Island when he stepped on the raft with us. He looked like him, he sounded like him, and acted like him, it was awesome! He even performed an impromtu marriage on the raft for a couple of guests (he is a captain and can do that when you are at sea). We are still talking about how amazing and believable he was!

Our final night ended in a spectacular fireworks show, Quin was even impressed. It was a great trip and we are so glad that we were able to see our families and to have such a fun experience.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Natalie vs the screen door

So today was a beautiful fall day here in Bakersfield, so I opened the sliding patio door and closed the screen door to keep bugs out. We went to the grocery store and we closed and locked the sliding door. When we got home I had to run back out to the car and when I came in I saw one of the funniest things ever. Natalie had decided to go out on to the patio because that is where the washer and dryer are. She opened the sliding glass door and proceeded to walk out. Well, she had forgotten that the screen was still closed and tried to go through it. Boing!!! The look of utter shock and confusion was priceless! I thought I was going to fall over from laughing so hard. It was hilarious. But of course I was informed that "it wasn't that funny".

Labor Day 2007

Natalie celebrated her 25th birthday this year. Here she is opening a few presents from my family. My mom gave her a nifty cast iron pumpkin. We were lucky enough to make a quick visit to see my family in Idaho after we went to Evelyn's blessing.

My dad the pyro started a fire out back so that we could all burn marshmallows (Natalie insists that hers were nicely toasted). This is a picture of Natalie teaching Alyssa how to "nicely toast" one.

One fire wasn't enough so Dad had to light another one; only now we have moved inside the TeePee. Kayson, Carter, Halle, and Liberty loved it.

Kayson and Deidra with their new ugly dog, Jack. He is great with all the kids.
Grammy trying to keep Kate out of the fire.
Brylee had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.
MISS Liberty and MISS Halle choosing the perfect roasting sticks.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Evelyn's blessing

Amanda and Andy decided to bless and name Evelyn at their house on Sunday the 2nd of September. It was a really neat, special event and I am so glad that we could be there.

Amanda made this dress for Evelyn, with a little bit of help from her mother in law, Debbie. It was so cute and Manda did a great job on it!

It still cracks me up how funny my dad is with Evelyn. He keeps trying to hint that he would like more without trying to put too much pressure on us. Good thing that when Andy was blessing Evelyn, he said she would be a help with her brothers and sisters. It sounds like there might be a few more from Amanda for my dad.

This is Quin's dog, Roxy. Amanda and Andy are kind enough to take care of her and feed her for us.

A few family photos

Notice Manda and I are so vain, we took off our glasses.

Our big adventure

Two weeks ago Quin and I went on our first really vacation since our honeymoon. As most of you know, we traveled a LOT our first year of marriage with all the craziness of Quin's job, but most of it was not fun and definitely not a vacation. Amanda and Andy blessed Evelyn over labor day weekend so on Saturday, Quin and I woke very early (3 in the morning) and drove to Burbank (that is where the film Jeopardy, one of my favorite show) and hopped on an airplane to Utah. We spent Saturday night with my parents and Sunday Evelyn was blessed. After the blessing we drove to Idaho (I don't know why but the stretch of road between Ogden and Idaho Falls feels like forever) and visited with Quin's family. Sadly we left Idaho Falls less than 24 hours after we got there. We drove back to Ogden and spent the night with my parents. The next day was my birthday (yea!!) and my family went to lunch. That night we flew back to California and went to Disneyland for the rest of the week. Quin started coming down with something when we left Anaheim and was down for the count for a few days. We all know how considerate Quin is and he didn't want me to feel left out so he shared it with me and I have been sick for the past few days. Well that is the summary. I am going to be posting pics over the next few days and will fill in the details as I go along.

Monday, September 10, 2007


When I went up for Jessica's wedding, I met my newest niece, Evelyn. At the time she was only three weeks old. I am very smitten with her and could not stop holding her. I took a ton of pictures and now three weeks later I am posting them.

Here I am holding Evelyn. For Jessica's reception, we dressed her in a super cute outfit that Quin's mom and sisters got for her.

Here is a little better photo of the outfit. Also, note the fact that my sister just had a baby and she looks great.

The very proud grandma
The proud grandparents

Check out the blanket, I made that for Evelyn, again, with the help of my ever talented friend, Stacie

Me sewing the blanket
The full blanket
A close up of the blanket
I know that I am tooting my own horn a bit, but I am very pleased with it. I had to sew it twice, the first time I had to unpick all the seams and start over.

My dad makes me laugh. He is Crazy about Evelyn! It really is cute. I was burping her one night and he was so concerned that I was doing it too hard. If he had been doing it, he would have barely touched her.
My dad with his babies
Evelyn is going to think that her name is "Little one." You just can't help yourself. Whenever any of us are holding her, we always say in singsongy voice "hello, Little one."

Evelyn loves bath time. She even has a rubber ducky, you can kind of see it in the mirror.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jessica's Wedding

One of my oldest friends ever (we have literally known each other since we were babies, we probably knew each other in the pre-existance) got married about three weeks ago and I flew up to Utah to be there. She was married at the Salt Lake Temple on a beautiful day. I am so happy for her. Mike seems to be a great guy and I am sure they will be very happy together!

Here they are coming out after the ceremony. She look gorgeous and they look good together
I took a few pictures of the grounds after the ceremony. I walked around reminiscing. Jessica and I took a tour of the temple grounds the day I met Quin and Quin and I were married there so it was extra special. These are with my camera phone, I am pretty impressed with the quality.

Jessica and Mike dancing their first dance together as husband and wife
The two of us together at the reception. She had a garden reception at her grandparents, it was so nice!