Tuesday, April 8, 2008

March Ride Report

For my birthday present Natalie agreed to go on a motorcycle ride over to Morro Bay and then up the coast on Highway 1 to Fort Hunter Ligget. The route we took was about 400 miles long.

Here we are at the Logue's house getting ready to go.

This is at Ragged Point. The guy behind the counter at the gas station I swear was wearing a ski mask. Regular was $4.53. The view of the coast line here is BEAUTIFUL!

Left to right: Steve Johnson, Kim Logue, Lanny Logue, Natalie, and Me. Patty Johnson had to bail and take the dogs back to Bakersfield in the car, so Steve rode solo.

The wild flowers were absolutely stunning. I have never seen wild flowers in bloom like this ever in my life. It looked as though someone had dumped buckets of yellow, purple, and orange all over the hillsides.

Nice shot of the purple ones.

I almost drove into the side of the hill when we came around the bend with all these flowers because there were so many. There were seriously just blankets of flowers everywhere. You could even smell them while riding along.

Natalie posing in her new ridin' gear. She was soooo ready to be done at this point. Only 90 more miles to go til home.

We told Steve to pose so that we could photoshop Patty into the picture. I just need to get a picture of her and do that now.


It is hard to see but there is pollen all over my nose and lip.

Nat only got a few bugs on the top of her helmet.
The windshield and my visor took the brunt of it.

I had the visor up about half an inch at one point and a bug hit me in the nose. I then rode with it down.