Monday, June 15, 2009

Natalie's Paparazzi Photos

Here are some of the latest photos from Natalie's newest Paparazzi fans (which we just retrieved from the mail--sorry so small).

Yes, the paparazzi happens to be Mr. Red-light Photo Cop. She NEVER breaks the traffic laws (for real she never does, she is ALWAYS getting after me to use my signals, not change lanes in side street intersections, slow down, etc.). But the one time she does, her paparazzi was waiting to snap her photo. There is a nice little video that goes with it, but I am not technosavy enough to copy it from the website and embed it here. She is rather upset by the fact that it was her that got caught and not me. There have been various "its not fair, it should be you" mumbled this evening. The ironic thing is she was on her way to the Dr. to get a letter to get out of Jury Duty. Yeah how "random" is it that both of us get a Jury summons the exact same day for the exact same day. Me thinks they just picked our address and said, "hmm, how many registered voters live here?" Then the court didn't want to accept her note because it was electronically signed and not physically signed. So now she has to go back to the Dr. and have them sign another one, then take it over to the court house in person to get out of going. The reason she is getting off is she can't sit for very long because "Stitch" is causing her crooked pelvis to act up and create lots of back pain.
Needless to say she is not going to chance yellow lights again.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Smuggling Basketballs

When I first got married my dad would often tease me about what I would look like when I was pregnant. He would say that I would either look like a cherry tomato on a toothpick or that I would look like I was smuggling a basketball. I believe the latter is winning. Last month when I went up to Utah to Women's Conference, Evelyn (the 19 month old that can foretell the gender) pointed at my stomach and said, "ball." Apparently she thought that I was hiding one from her. She LOVES playing ball. I am now 40 1/2 inches around and have almost grown out of some of the maternity clothes.

June 2, 2009

June 8, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old Wive's Tales

So we just thought that we would post about the best way to determine what gender your child is.

Ring and String Method: First off you have to find a first grade teacher that is part of a burly motorcycle gang (we mainly just ride to eat; "Live to ride, ride to live") to perform this one. So the version that we have heard is you take a ring and suspend it on a piece of thread over the mother-to-be's stomach. If the ring swings in a circular fashion it will be a girl. If it goes in a relatively straight line, it is boy. The ring didn't seem to go in any particular direction, but according to Steve it will be a boy.

Consult the Chinese Lunar Conception Calendar: Google this one. You have to figure out when the baby was conceived along with using the mother's lunar birth date and it gives you the formula. Our result was it will be a boy.

Heart Beat: If the heart beat is above 150 beats per minute it is supposed to be a girl. Our baby's heart rate is at or above 150, so the result is a baby girl.

Ask Your Religious Leader: One of the bishopric members at church is dead set that we are having a girl. He claims he has never been wrong with his predictions. He informed us of this while we were shopping at Target and ran into him.

Ultrasound: Get an ultrasound. Ask the person running the ultrasound machine to try to zoom in between the legs and give you their best guess as to what gender you are having. Two different machines and two different ultrasound pilots both say boy.

But the most effective method is,
Ask Your 19 Month Old Niece: We asked our 19 month old niece "what's your cousin's name?" She would consistently say "Dan" and then run off to go play. The funniest part about this method is when you try to explain that there is a baby in Natalie's tummy to her. She got a bewildered look on her face then it turned quizzical as she lifted Natalie's shirt to try to look in through Nat's belly button. I don't think she believed us that there is a baby in there.

So of these 6 methods it looks like the ring and string, Chinese calendar, ultrasound, and ask a little kid methods seem to be accurate. But we won't know for sure until the first part of October.