Monday, June 18, 2007

Sheri's Bag

About a month and a half ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a trooper though and is going through chemotherapy. I made this bag with the help of my friend, Stacie Dartnell (Yes the same Stacie who Quin called a bad influence and helped me pick out my machine). We made this bag so my mom can take it to chemo and she can remember how much we love her.

Here the bag is being embroidered with her name and a pink ribbon (thanks for the help Stacie)

Here I am sewing away
It took a little while and a lot of effort, but I managed to get it done in time to take it with me to Ogden
Here my mom is modeling how great she looks with it!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Quin got a new toy

Well, it is official!!! I got a new toy. I figured Natalie got a new toy so I needed one too. It is a Yamaha V-Star Classic 1100 cc's. It has aftermarket pipes so people know you're coming! And it sets off car alarms. Coooooool!!!

Ours! All ours now!


Pure raw awesomeness and Beauty.

Friday, June 8, 2007

DJ for Bishop

In our spare time we usually have lots of fun. For example one of the types of things that we do is stay up really late on March 31 preparing for April Fool's Day. This year it was my buddy DJ's turn to be victimized. At 2:00 am April 1st Natalie, my friend Ryan, and I went over to DJ's house and took it upon ourselves to be his campaign managers, by hanging signs all around his neighborhood and staking signs in his front yard. He was running for Bishop. It was awesome!! When he called me up (early am on April 1) I could feel the icy chill in his voice when he let me know that I had finally crossed the line. Natalie and I just laughed and laughed. Then Natalie felt bad, so I called Ryan and we laughed and laughed. Later in the day DJ called back laughing at how funny it was and how we had gotten him pretty good.

Making signs

A list of all his qualities that make him the Indolent Party's choice.

Ryan Ledesma and Natalie hanging the neighborhood campaign signs.