Friday, February 18, 2011

New Adventures in the World of Smith

Here are some pictures of the comings and goings here lately at the Smith household.

I made brownies tonight and let Cameron lick the beaters for the first time. I am normally against eating batter, but this didn't have any eggs so I let them go at it. He seemed to really like it.

Today Cameron found Quin's coconut bra from Brazil. I put it on him and he loved running around in it. The kid is such a ham!

We have told Cameron that he can be whatever he wants to be except a modern artist. Well I guess he is starting the rebellion early because here is one of his latest master pieces that he made tonight at dinner. The medium is mash potatoes on glass table.

For our Valentine's meal we had crab and blue potatoes. They were pretty cool. Cameron seemed to really like them.

We are working on year 3 of the Smith Family garden. Year one was pretty much a flop and year 2 had only marginal results. We are really hoping to get some zucchini this year. I mean the thing is practically a weed and we can't grow it. Oh well, maybe with Cameron's help.

Cameron loves to floss his teeth. If he is throwing a fit at bed time, we just ask him if he wants to floss and immediately the fit stops, he jumps up and runs to the bathroom. Oh well, I guess this is one of the few things he gets from me.

A few weeks ago, Quin was asked to host the Boy Scout Southern Sierra Council Silver Beaver Appreciation dinner. So we got to get all dressed up fancy and go to a nice dinner. We had a pretty good time and Quin did a great job even with only a few hours notice and a cold.

We have had a pretty big scare in our family of late. My mom passed out exercising and was taken to the hospital. They found out that she needs a new heart valve and will have to have surgery here in the coming weeks. I took this picture on New Year's Day and think it is so cute. Just wanted to let my parents know how much I love them and how much they mean to me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun Pics

So I was working on posting a whole buncha pics from 2010, but never got it finished. I am so sick of looking at my old post so I am just gonna put some cute fun pics up.

Helping Dad out in the yard. He was so excited! This was the first time we had let him walk around out in the back yard. He walked all over. He was so happy to be Dad's big helper!

Cameron dumped out our box of Christmas oranges and the proceed to take the stickers off all of the oranges. He was occupied for some time.

Cameron was too quiet one day, when I went to check on him this is what I found. Sitting in half a box of powdered milk. And yes, that is a nettipot.

Cameron loves to go out in the mornings and help Quin start the motorcycle!