Monday, November 19, 2007


Tonight California State University Bakersfield played the Weber State Wildcats. I am technically currently a student at Cal State, but Weber is my real college! Some friends of ours had 2nd row seats to tonight's game and invited us. The four of us screamed our lungs out cheering for Weber State. We literally were the only people cheering for Weber in the whole arena. Some people were getting in to it and having fun with it. I heard one lady complaining that we were ruining the game for her. Come on, there were four of us and about 500 of them, besides there were about 10,000 empty seats in the arena, she didn't have to sit behind us. Hearing her huff and puff was half the fun, never give Quin any power to control you!

I have never done anything like that! It was a rush! I was slightly afraid we would be met in the parking lot after the game, especially since Weber won 61 to 56. I highly recommend going to a game and cheering for the other team, as for now, we have to let our voices heal! WEBER STATE, WEBER STATE, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

THE Smith Halloween Party 2007

This year was the first annual THE Smith Halloween Party. We had been debating on whether or not to have a Halloween party this year. Quin and I both LOVE Halloween; it's our favorite holiday. We love decorating and dressing up. We had planned to have a Halloween party when we lived in Vegas, but we moved at the beginning of October 2006. We were so busy this month we wondered if we could pull it off. Plus our apartment really can't hold that many people. Someone recommended hosting it in the apartment complex's rec room. We decided that scaring the evil spirits away for the year was much more important than sleep or anything else we could be doing and decided to do it. Plus it was a good excuse to get me (Quin) a fog machine finally!!! I have always wanted one. Fog machines are awesome! After we got it, Natalie came home and of course the place was full of fog. The party was complete with a costume contest and prizes. The entry way into the party was supposed to be SPOOKY SPOOKY with fog and spooky music and a strobe light. Of course, setting everything else up first allowed the guest to get there before the entry was ready. Next year's will be better.

This year we went as Princess Leia and Han Solo from Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. Yes we made the costumes ourselves. (I tried to make the Han Solo outfit as authentic as possible, which it was, minus the blaster. Unfortunately the $300 blaster and holster replica set wouldn't have arrived in time. Due to my obsession with Star Wars, Natalie had to take several attempts at the pockets on the vest for me, which resulted in a valuable yet frustrating lesson of don't try to sew late at night. Adding the Corellian Bloodstripes to the pants took forever.)

President Rodriguez made this cake especially for our party. It was SOOOO good!!!

Pres. Manuel Rodriguez (Hawaiian clown/cake maker) and Hannah Montana (Heidi Schmidt)

Steve and Gera (or at least the back of her head) Bahr.

Our favorite Amber McArthur

Steve Johnson

Shelly Carter

Jaime, Rebbeca, and Esperanza Barroteran our new BFF's from the Mexican Hat Dance

Monte Priebe--Most Humorous Costume for Cuban Mafia. Prize: Laffy Taffy

Gail and youngest Glende, Shelly, and Kayleen Nelson. Kayleen--Tie for Least Effort Costume. Prize: Stick on mustache for next year's costume.

Byron and Jeanette McArthur. Byron--Coolest Costume. Prize: Stephen's Hot Cocoa

The famous Stacie (from previous posts) and Alan Dartnell

Rebecca Barroteran (Vampire)--Scariest Costume. Prize: Bottle of Martinellis'

Kate and Burt Van Meter. Burt--Creepiest Costume for ???. Prize: Bottle of Martinellis'

Robert Garcia (Q's co-worker) and his wife Greer. Robert (Shawn from Shawn of the Dead)--Most Original Costume. Prize: Wurther's Originals. Greer--Tie for Least Effort. Prize: Stick on beard for next year's costume.

Al and Shelly Carter winners in 2 categories--Best Pair. Prize: Uno; Honorable Mention (in case the best overall can't fulfill their duties throughout the year). Prize: Martinellis'

Yes, we won Best Overall Costumes. Prize: Martinellis' and Trans-fat free brownie mix. No we did not rig the ballot, we didn't even vote.

We had so much fun with all of our friends. We were sad that our family wasn't here for the first annual THE Smith Halloween Party. Next time we won't accept the "we are 1000 miles away" excuse. Only 361 more days until THE Smith Halloween Party 2008!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Crazy October

So one might notice that our blog is a little bit out of date. This month has been crazy busy! We were in a golf tournament, participated in our stake LA Temple 50th year commemoration and had a wild Halloween party. Plus all of the other responsibilities we have we were pretty preoccupied. I think we sat down at our table for may be 5 meals the whole month. We'll catch you all up on it soon.