Monday, October 8, 2007

Wild Hogs

The Bakersfield LDS Brothers ride again.
I was officially "jumped" into my gang on Sept 21, 2007. We rode over to Morro Bay and spent the night at Steve Johnson's condo. I learned something very important about touring on a motorcycle, make sure you have a VERY comfortable seat (a new one is on my Christmas list, hint hint hint Natalie, Mom, or Momma Bear). We had planned on leaving at 3:30, but of course every plan regarding a trip of some sort made by a Smith is made to be broken. I was planning on leaving work around 1:30, but noooooo I got stuck working on something that needed to go out by 5:00. Well, the guy I was working with was stuck in meetings all day and wasn't able to get around to my stuff until about 2:30. This made me really nervous. So of course there is lots to do. I ask him if he thinks we would be done by 3:15 and he looked at me and chuckled. So, very disappointedly I called Byron (gang member) and let him know of my dire predicament, and that they could go ahead and leave me if they needed to, because I wouldn't be ready to go til about 4:30. He said he would talk to everyone and get their opinion. Then at about 3:30 my boss came in and asked why I was still there. I let him know that I wasn't done with the project that he was having me do. He was nice enough to tell me to finish first thing Monday morning. I REALLY like working here. Byron called back and let me know that everyone else was also running late and that I didn't miss the ride. So I sped (or um drove safely) home, kissed Natalie goodbye and rode off.

Left to right: Lanny Logue, Byron McArthur, me, Larry Schmidt, and Steve Johnson.

Near Cambria and Hearst Castle

I was truly initiated in the fact that we rode in every condition possible: Strong gusty winds, night, rain at night, bright sunny day, construction zone, LOTS of rain (picture shows everyone suiting up), construction zone in the rain, and a muddy dirt road.

Cheap rain pants and high speeds don't work so well together.

This is a picture of elephant seals sunning themselves near Hearst Castle.

This was the part of the view as we rode up the PCH (Highway 1 for those none coastal dwellers). I can't wait to take Natalie on the next ride.