Thursday, April 9, 2009

Experiment 626

Look out E-arth! Here it comes. Natalie and I went to the doctor today and they gave us this lovely picture. In college my friends would always tell me that they expected my kid to be like Stitch (Experiment 626) from Lilo and Stitch. I guess in September we get to find out if they are right.

Women's Conference

I am so excited to go to Women's Conference at BYU this year. My mom and went last year and we had such a great time. My sister was kind enough to let us stay at her house since she was visiting her in-laws. I rode up with my friends Stacie and Jeanette and am going to do the same thing this year. Since I didn't post the pics last year I thought I would do it now.

This is me and my mom and Stacie and her mom.

For some reason I only got these two pictures the entire time we were at the conference. This was during the last session. We were up at the very tip top of the arena, which was really nice because we had a backrest. We were waiting for President Monson to come and speak with us (for my non-member friends he is the Prophet and leader of our church). It was such an amazing experience when he walked in. There were 20,000 women who stood up and started singing "we thank thee o'God for a prophet" the spirit in the room was amazing, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. We had such a great time. The conference had some great workshops, we did a ton of service projects, and experienced a couple of mini miracles that reminded us that Heavenly Father loves us and is aware of us (I was guided to find my mom on a huge campus in a crowd of 20,000 women plus all the normal college students when I didn't know where she was and had no way of contacting her; and another when we thought we couldn't walk another step at the end of a long day, a shuttle appeared at a spot where it wasn't supposed to be, driven by we later found out, the brother of some family friends).

Stacie, Jeanette, and I stayed an extra day and I spent it with my parents. We went and toured Temple Square. It was such a great, beautiful day!

The grounds were beautiful!

I had such a great time last year and I can't wait for the conference this year.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh how embarassing!

So yesterday I was walking through the parking lot into the grocery store when I walked past a lady loading her groceries into her car. Two of the buttons in the middle of her shirt had come undone. The wind was blowing her shirt open and you could see her unmentionables. I had one of those moments were you are caught between telling a stranger about something personal and slightly embarrassing and minding your own business. She was probably in her sixties and probably not the type who would want the world to see her goods so I decided to tell her. When I was done, I wasn't sure if I had done the right thing. She seemed glad, but who really enjoys finding out that they have been exposing themselves. So what do you think? Did I do the right thing? Would you have wanted me to tell you? I keep wondering if I would want someone to tell me.