Friday, June 13, 2008

There's no place like home

Well, Quin and I were hoping to be able to post pictures of our new house for you today, but unfortunatly we do not yet have a new house. Quin and I have been in the process of purchasing a home here in Bakersfield for the past month and it was supposed to close today. We were married on Friday the 13th so we thought, "Oh good, our lucky day." Unfortunatly there were problems that I am not going to go into and we probably won't close until Tuesday. So until then, here is a shot from google maps.


Jessica said...

um...gorgeous! It's so much newer than our little place. Maybe I'll convince Mike to take a vacation to Bakersfield! I'd love to come and see you guys!

Janet said...

This is cool.
YES I have a pickup. And yes if you come see us you can use it. Bring a gasoline tanker to follow it.