Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well I am now a housewife again. I decided to quit my job and stay home and watch my 'stories'. That is not really why I quit, but that is what Quin likes to say. I am sure I am going to cause all kinds of rumors, but the truth is I want to finish school. I have so many credits that I could probably have a couple of degrees, but no official degree. So I quit and am now going to be a "lady who lunches" as one of my co-workers put it. My boss and I worked out an agreement that I will be on call. When they need a substitute, then they will call me. This works out quite well as far as I am concerned I can go to school, lunch with my friends, and on occasion go to work. Quin is terrified that I am going to get bored (that was the original reason I got a job, because I was going crazy cooped up inside the house)! I guess we will see. I just have to keep myself busy so he won't be right.


quin's mom said...

I think it's great that you are unemployed and that you are able to be. Hopefully the school thing (or any other rumors) will work out for you.

Elena Manwaring said...

I agree with mom. IT's so nice to stay home and have a hubby who'll let you. How many credits do you need until you can graduate?

Natalie and Quin said...

If I were in Utah I would only have a few credits until I graduated. Here, I am going to have quite a while until I can graduate. They have different requirements and somethings don't transfer. I had to take intro to biology (when I was pre-med I had to take a bunch of advanced biology classes) and I have to take an intro to english (in UT I just took a test for credit, I didn't even need to take the class). It is pretty frustrating!